Twitter Boostrap CSS made all images disappeared on IE

There is an directive img { max-width: 100%; ... } in bootstrap.css.  This directive made all images disappeared on IE7 and IE8.  Use conditional stylesheet for ie7,ie8 to reset it like this: img { max-width: none; ... }.  Of course, no problem on IE9.   So, only override this twitter bootstrap css for version less than or equal to IE8.


Avoid some pages use jQuery update 1.7

Here is a temporary module that shows you how to filter some pages that do not support jQuery 1.7.

When using Twitter Bootstrap or any other module that MUST have a jQuery 1.7, you may find that some existing modules doesn't work proper such as views module and content types management.

Install this module and specify the url that needed to fallback to 1.5 in jQuery Update administrative page.

How to avoid Twitter Bootstrap menu collapse on 960 width design

See this first or you may have your owned way to ready your css if you are working with Drupal theme.

Take a look at this page or bootstrap demo page.   If the browser width is less than 980 pixels, the menu will collapse.   Sometimes, you may not want it especially when just few items on menu.  Here is a way to change it.  


Minimal implementation of Twitter Bootstrap

There is a way to implement the Twitter Bootstrap into your current theme.  You may make it as a module or just do it manually.

1. Download it.


git clone


2. Edit theme info file to add css


Usually, replace the html-reset.css (normailize.css) to bootstrap.css and bootstrap-responsive.css

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