HTML5 audio problem on Firefox

HTML5 is available to play audio and video without plugin.  See W3SCHOOL for detail.   The page shows you Firefox and Opera does not support mp3/mp4 for license issue.   Don't spend time, use the dir2ogg software package to convert the mp3 to ogg format.   Then, provides them all including the traditional plugin embed tag.

<audio controls="controls" class="media-object" autoplay="autoplay">
  <source src="/files/04_a_sad_man_burning_paper_clothes.ogg" />
  <source src="/files/04_a_sad_man_burning_paper_clothes.mp3" />
  <embed class="media-object" src="" />

Why provides all?  It is because IE and Safari does not support ogg!  So, the best way is to provide all in your audio tag.   The browser will try the source tag one by one, if all unavailable, the embed tag will be issued.

Okay, how to convert mp3 to ogg is the problem.  For linux, it is easy, install standard package dir2ogg by apt-get.  Usage is easy, just run:

dir2ogg {your mp3 file}

Then an ogg file will be generated in the same directory.