GoDaddy Nameserver not register problem

If you want to use your owned server for DNS, or add one more secondary.  Please do it with the following THREE steps, otherwise, you can only suffer from "Nameserver not register" pain.  Do not upgrade your DNS to premium, no help for it!


1. Launch the Domain Manager, then, DOMAIN DETAILS screen comes out, find the Host Summary (add) at bottom left cornt

2. Click add to enter NS1 (or other host name) and you DNS public IP address (it can be more, only if you know why it has more and can be more, otherwise, ignore it!)

3. Ok, this step is very important; WAIT around 5 minutes ... ... ... :)

4. Add another if you have.  Remind you DNS must have at least TWO.  If you want to totally forget Godaddy's nameserver prepared for you, you DID need the second one.

5. Same, very important.  Drink a cup of tea before doing anything!

6. Now, cheat the Godaddy to accept you NS1.{domain} is go for access, click launch (zone editor) in the middle.

7. Go to bottom, add your custom DNS server to nameserver section, then, SAVE. go back.

8. Go to washroom and have a relax, this step is important, also!

9.. Click Set Nameservers  (in the middle left of the screen).

10. Enter the new name server name (must be host name, no ip accepted here).  You can remove all the original.

11. SAVE, then, done!  work after one hour.

At last, I have a comment.  Godaddy name server is ok.  Recommended using it.  If you are running your business in China, you may want a DNS and Servers within China regions rather then Godaddy.  Then, you need to add one more DNS to it.  It is because China Great F@#king Firewall blocks Godaddy sometimes.

Have fun!