drush up never end

When running Drupal 7 drush 5.0 up to update, you may jump into dead loop.  I don't want to fix this problem.   It may be made by cross module reference or hook.   Especially if you are using pantarei_siren profile and using git pull to update the code.

Just give you a solution.  First of all, you must run in suexec mode and have write permission to your document directories.  The answer is easy; run update in Drupal, jump to Module, click Update, check everything available and run it.   Forget any unavailable version in the module update list at this moment. 

Once completed, you may try to run "check manually".   If you are lucky enough, it will come within 30 minutes.  It is better logout and login again before running to make sure your session will no expire during the checking.  All those unavailable version information in the update list will disappear.

Hints: May be drush 6.0.0 can solve this problem.  Try yourself :>